10 Easy-to-adopt Habits That will Improve your PTE Test Score Significantly

The Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academics Exam tests the candidates based on a comprehensive knowledge of the English language. PTE is one of the widely recognised computer-based English language proficiency tests available in order to take admission in prestigious educational institutions abroad or work for professionals and government organisations that require a standard of academic English language proficiency. PTE exam needs rigorous practice and preparation in the main language proficiency domains such as Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening. These parts are divided into 3 tests and further sub-tests or tasks.

In order to improve your PTE test score, there are some easy-to-adopt habits that you can pick up during your preparation:

  1. Converse in English: One of the best ways to excel in any language is to speak and converse in it as much as possible. Talking in English with friends or people close to you can boost your confidence and help you get fluent in the language.
  2. Keep a journal for writing in English: Keeping a journal to write your thoughts, ideas, important events in life, notes, details of the day, to-do list (In English of course) is one of the most effective ways to practice your English writing. While doing this, you may encounter the need to learn words to describe a specific event or feeling, which can improve your vocabulary too. Building a habit to keep a journal and practising writing in English can significantly improve your chances to score better in the PTE exam.
  3. Reading newspapers and books: Reading English newspapers, books, online journals etc., have a significant impact on the understanding and presentation of the language in the written form. Since you have started communicating in English, you must expand the reach of your language, your vocabulary, and its usage in general as well as in the formal context. Effective reading habit has a clear positive impact on all the segments of the PTE exam.
  4. Discuss in groups: Group discussion, friendly debates on current events or any topic can improve your communication skills, pronunciation, and fluency, all the things necessary for a good PTE score.
  5. Reading aloud: The practice of reading aloud is a very effective tool and habit one can develop while preparing for the PTE exam. Reading aloud can improve your pronunciation, use of filler words and vocabulary, which is very helpful in the Reading section of the PTE exam.
  6. Watch and listen to English content: There is an abundance of content one can use to their advantage for learning. Watch English movies without subtitles or podcasts in order to improve listening skills, write down words you don't understand and look up their meaning later. This habit can improve your pronunciation and vocabulary of the English language. 
  7. Play memory-boosting games and exercises: Playing games in order to learn is an interesting habit you can indulge in anywhere, whenever you find a little bit of free time. The memory sharpens with more usage. Choose challenging and shorter exercises to keep yourself on your toes. You can also play vocabulary building exercises to enhance your word power. These games and exercises will better your reaction time, which is very helpful during the PTE exam.
  8. Meditate: You may think why meditating is required to improve PTE score, but meditation helps you develop focus and concentration, which is very helpful during the 3-hour PTE exam time. Daily meditation can also help you feel calmer and relieve stress while preparing for the exam.
  9. Record yourself speaking: A simple habit of preparing a small speech and then reading it out loud while recording yourself or dictating a passage from a book can give you a basic idea of how you sound when speaking into a microphone. Pay special attention to natural habits like adding fillers in place of required words. This will help you improve your pronunciation and speech pattern and significantly increase your score in the PTE exam.
  10. Think in English: This might sound a little weird but thinking in English can help you remarkably improve your English. In our natural process of speaking, our subconscious mind thinks in our native language. But you can train your mind to think in English, it is like practising 24×7, and you will be surprised by the improvement you will make in the language.

The above easy-to-adopt habits can help you improve your PTE test score significantly. Hence, you can easily adapt them in your preparation course to prepare better and eventually score well in the PTE exam.

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