Key UK trends for international student recruitment

The United Kingdom has been a popular international student destination for decades. Not only does living in the UK give them a great opportunity to enrich their English skills, but the country also has a great academic reputation, an open-minded culture, and lots of post-study work opportunities.

The UK has also benefited from a surge in student interest because of the closure of Australia’s borders, due to COVID-19, and the high rates of coronavirus in the US. In fact, a spring poll found that the UK is now a more popular study destination with international students than the US, Canada, Australia and Germany, thanks to the success of the UK vaccine rollout.

All these benefits of studying in the UK make it a great option for recruiters to promote to their clients.

In order to be truly effective in promoting the United Kingdom as a study destination, it’s important that you’re up-to-date with all the country’s latest international student recruitment data. If you’re aware of where international students are coming from, the universities they love, and the subjects they want to study, you’ll be better positioned to connect with new clients and meet their needs.

So, here is a breakdown of the top UK trends you need to know for international student recruitment.

The number of international students in the UK and where they’re from