Smart Classes - Why your school should adopt this innovative teaching methodology?

Our world is becoming smarter by the day with our phones, gadgets and now even our homes! Now it is time for our classrooms to become smarter, too. Implementing a smart class solution in your school may seem like a daunting proposition that is expensive to boot, but in fact, the advantages of these innovative teaching methodologies can only help your school reap great benefits. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why a smart class is the best bet for your school:

  1. highly effective learning outcomes: As any teacher knows, children process visuals better and a class that uses innovative learning strategies such as videos, graphs or 3D images are bound to make students more curious about the subject and learn effectively. Engaging with the subject matter helps students think in the abstract and relate with what they have learnt. This is better than simply being presented with a teacher’s explanation. In fact, research shows that implementing smart class solutions like MyPedia contributes to positive attitudes towards learning.                                                                      
  2. Simplifies complex subjects: Certain complex subjects are much easier to teach through the medium of immersive learning. Adopting digital classroom technology for one’s class makes it easier for teachers to teach students and thus enhance their learning.          
  3. Easier to plan lessons: Most smart learning solutions come with teaching plans that combines the coursebook, application book, digital content and assessments. This allows the teacher to focus on ensuring that the students are thorough with concepts rather than figuring out minor details such as what or when to teach.                                                                   
  4. Easier assessments: Instead of spending valuable time and energy on creating question papers, teachers can use the smart class solutions’ built-in assessment plans. These are mapped to the school’s education board and exam plan. They  are also analyzed on difficulty and cognitive. Both, the school and the teacher get access to performance analysis that can be broken down according to subjects, grades, students and the school.                                                    
  5. Helps all learners: Anyone who has taught knows that no two students are alike. With interactive teaching methods such as smart classes, teachers can reach out to all the students. Slow learners or those with learning disabilities benefit particularly from smart classes. These classes help them learn at their own pace by making lessons accessible online. Reports generated by the smart classes also help teachers identify students who are having trouble with certain subjects so that they can be given extra attention.           
  6. Gets the parents involved: Parents are an important part of a student’s learning process, but it is simply not possible to reach out to each and every one of them individually to keep them abreast with their child’s learning and performance. A smart class helps break down this barrier with apps and portals that help parents stay updated with their child’s progress in the classroom. 

Smart classes transform a classroom into a space where both, the learning and teaching process are interactive and fun. The innovations make life easier for both teachers and the school administration and thus helps them provide the best possible learning experience to their students.

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