7 Tips to Prepare for IIT-JEE mains 2020

While preparing for IIT-JEE, it is important to understand that there is no room for error as competition is getting tougher with each passing day. Every year, lakhs of talented aspirants appear for this national level engineering exam with a hope of giving wings to their dreams.

Though getting success in the IIT-JEE examination is a win-win situation for any aspirant, it takes immense hard work and dedication to achieve success in the same. But there is a huge misconception among candidates that only by studying assiduously, they can taste success. Although hard work is essential, few parameters should also be taken into consideration while preparing for IIT-JEE examination. 

Below mentioned are some effective tips that will help you to achieve success in your IIT-JEE preparation:

  • Focus on the Basics: It has been said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. To excel in the examination, you need to strengthen your basic concepts. After understanding the basic concepts, you can gradually shift towards the advanced concepts.
  • Time Management is Quintessential: Strategic management of time is one of the crucial aspects for JEE main preparation. For this, plan a time table and strictly adhere to it. Try to finish the syllabus within the stipulated time. Decide that in how many days you will be able to finish a topic as per the difficulty level. Make sure before proceeding towards the new topic, your previous topics are clear. 
  • Refer to Previous Year Question Papers & Topic Wise Coverage: It is highly suggested to the candidates to refer to previous year topics and make a study plan accordingly. Try to analyze previous year question papers and understand the topics which carry more weightage. To know the level of your preparation, practice sample papers. It will help you figure out how much time you will take in solving each question and provide a clear picture of how you will manage your time. The more you practice, the more you will get to know about your improvement areas.
  • Revise to Maintain Preparation Consistency: The benefit of revision is twofold as it not only helps to remember important facts and methodologies but also reduces the anxiety levels and builds confidence. It allows students to be able to recall important facts when needed and helps in coping with exam anxiety. For an effective revision, detach yourself from all the possible distractions such as entertainment gadgets or mobile phones and find a peaceful place. Instead of jumping to the difficult topics first, revise subjects you know well to boost your confidence. You can also make a revision plan and ensure that it is flexible so that you can spend extra time on those topics that are taking longer time than expected.
  • Stick to the Authentic Study Material: It is important to stick to the authentic study material while preparing for the national level engineering exam. As the marketplace is flooded with a lot of books and study material, having access to the right kind of study material eases the preparation struggle for most of the aspirants. Studying from the correct books hold a lot of significance because students cannot afford to waste their precious time with irrelevant books and course material.

Pearson MyInsights – an adaptive assessment for IIT-JEE, is the best way to prepare for this exam. It empowers aspirants by providing 4 levels of testing, 500+ topic tests, 80+ chapter tests, 20 mock tests, and previous 10 years JEE papers. With analytics and personalized scoring, it provides a real-time test experience to the aspirants, helps them know their strengths and weaknesses, and makes them IIT-JEE ready.

  • Build a Peer Group with Similar Goals: A peer group that matches your goals is the best way to stay motivated during the preparation of IIT-JEE. This practice will not only help you stay competitive and up to date with the exam patterns but also help you develop a positive approach throughout your journey.
  • Set some time for enjoyment and relaxation: Apart from hard work, it is important to stay relaxed and fit. Studying hard is good but overdoing anything can be counter-productive. If your mind is calm, you will perform much better. Make sure you get adequate sleep, practice yoga, and meditation daily, and take time off to be with your loved ones. Take a balanced diet to ensure good health.  

Also, it is very important to stay aware of any changes in the exams introduced by the concerned authorities. Thoroughly understand the exam pattern, syllabus, marking scheme, etc. so that you can divide your time accordingly. In addition to this, don’t let stress control you! Burdening yourself unnecessarily with stress can hamper your preparation. 

Just stay calm and prepare for the examination!

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