Last minute tips for Civil Services Main Examination 2019

The countdown has begun where each moment is leading towards the D-day.

Stress, anxiety, pressure, expectations, hope, fear; such emotions may mar the complete preparation of aspirants. It is pertinent at this juncture to follow some critical tips to sail through the examination seamlessly.

Here are some last-minute tips:

  1. Be confident
    Confidence is a virtue. It means striking a fine balance between being aimlessly ambitious and hopelessly helpless. Try to hammer out a condition of your mind where you know you can do it, if not this time, maybe next time.
  2. ‘Attempt’ is only a number
    Fear of exhausting number of attempts cause useless pain and agony. Also, the false prestige attached to qualify the paper in first attempt causes worthless pressure as well as the guilt for not being able to clear exam in second, third or fourth attempt leads to diminished self-worth.UPSC has given some number of attempts (more or less) to all candidates, considering the difficulty level of this whole journey of examination. So, try to make maximum of these attempts. Do not degrade yourself with the increasing number of attempts.
  3. Fear of failure
    Most commonly discussed, widely disseminated and categorically talked statement is ‘One should get rid of fear of failure’. Fearing the failure is not a negative sentiment, it is natural. But such negative thoughts drain energy. Therefore, instead of fearing the failure why not start visualizing the fruits of success. Shift your focus on more positive thoughts than on controlling unbearable negative thoughts.
  4. Health is Wealth
    Maintain your circadian rhythm. Keep yourself hydrated and avoid binging on junk food. Rest your body and mind. Read, revise and rest before the test.
  5. Stay Positive
    Try to energize yourself by thinking positive and hopeful about your result and future. Stay confident and motivated till the end

All the best!

Sherry A Singh
Senior Editor Acquisition- Test Prep

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