How to prepare for numeric entry type questions?

You need to have fundamentals in place. You must work to have an excellent grasp of the concepts about any topic/chapter and you should remember all the formulae as well because, if you are stuck while solving any question, you won’t have the given options like in MCQs to help you out with your answers. So, you need to remember everything to get the (+ 4) marks you will have the leverage to attempt them without any tension because of the NO negative (-0) marking.

PractisePractice the numerical based questions as much as you can. JEE Advanced has already included integer and numeric type questions in the exam pattern. You can  get the previous year’s question papers and accelerate your preparation. Just go and try solving all of those. You should also get the practice papers, mock tests, and test series. Try to solve as many of them as you can to prepare well for the exam.

For smart studies, you can also pick the chapters from which most of the numerical, integer type questions have been asked in JEE Advanced previous years’ papers. yYou can focus more on them for numerical based questions. Especially for Chemistry, most of the numerical type questions are prepared from the Physical Chemistry (as it is numerical based). Hence, it is easy to frame the questions based on Physical Chemistry. Some questions are also framed based on a few chapters from Organic Chemistry like Stereochemistry. In Mathematics and Physics, questions can be framed from any chapter/topic. However, you should still go through the previous year’s papers to get an idea about the prominent chapter/topic, based on which the numeric entry type questions are framed.

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