Things Need Know Work Australia

Whilst it’s true that Australian’s enjoy a laid-back lifestyle and some of the world’s most stunning scenery, the process of moving to Australia requires some careful planning to ensure a smooth transition.

As always, planning is critical and it’s very important to have a number of the below items accounted for before you book a flight to begin your journey in Australia.

You Need a Visa
As we identified in the moving checklist to Australia article, depending on the career type and industry that you’re applying for, different visas are required. Remember, in order to legally gain employment in Australia, a visa is required for all migrants.

The correct visa for you depends on your unique circumstances. As we’ve touched on previously, a migrant can come to Australia on a skilled independent visa which does not require employer sponsorship if they meet the relevant skilled occupation list. To find the exact visa that you need to work in Australia, visit the visa finder at Home Affairs.

Paying Tax in Australia
The Australian government provides tax advice for international individuals to ensure they have the information to legally pay and declare income tax as soon as they secure employment.

When you get your first job in Australia, your employer will ask for your Tax File Number (TFN). Your TFN is a unique number that identifies you as a tax paying individual. To apply for a TFN, visit the Australian Tax Office website here.

Opening a Bank Account
If you’re looking to work in Australia, you’ll want to sign up for an Australian bank account so you’re not paying foreign exchange fees to an international bank. You can sign up for an account with the bank of your choice directly.

Pay & Wages
The Fair Work government agency provides information on the minimum wage for all employment categories in Australia. If you’d like to understand what you can expect to get paid in your chosen career, visit Fair Work’s full list of award wages here.

Holiday Leave & Superannuation
Thanks to strict National Employment Standards, full-time workers in Australia are entitled to four weeks of paid annual leave per year. If you’re employed casually, time off work isn’t paid, however, leave entitlements very much depend on your employer and unique circumstances.

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