Can’t Step out but Step Into Learning with Pearson

With a global situation restricting our spaces, and education institutes shutting down, exams getting postponed and work shifting to homes; we can’t but worry about the impact it would have on our dreams and ambitions.

But what if we say that this doesn’t have to change anything?
What if you can make the most of your time by engaging in the best of digital learning?

Quikik- An AI based Math learning app for Grade 6-8

See your child rekindle a never-found-before love for Math with Pearson Quikik; a math learning tool that is as fun as your child’s play time and what’s even better is that it is available free of cost. With fun and engaging modules blended with their learning pace, Quikik helps children stay updated on formulas, calculations and that repeated “Practice” mantra that you always believe in when it comes to this subject!

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