Is Your Young One Scared Of Numbers? Use Quikik To Make The Best Use Of This Shutdown

Mathematics is a slightly tricky subject and kids often require some sort of guidance to be able to perform in this subject. However, in the current scenario, schools and tuition classes have been shut down and students are not being able to get the desired guidance.  If your child is in middle school or primary school, these foundation years are very critical and help students in developing an interest in the subject. If the foundation is not laid properly, students develop a fear of Maths and run away from it despite it being an incredibly high scoring subject. 

While it is true that students need a push and appropriate guidance to excel in Maths, it does not necessarily mean that their learning needs to stop during the lockdown. Quikik, by Pearson, the World’s Learning Company, is an innovative AI-based app, that can help students of 6th, 7th, and 8th grade learn Maths at home while also having fun. With the help of this free app, children can learn multiple mathematical concepts in an interactive way and brush up their skills  in an exciting manner. Now, your kids would not run away from studying at home and would use their time productively. Here are all the features of Quikik that make this app a must-have for your child during this lockdown.