Strengthening the chains of learning digitally

The ongoing global situation has put the world on hold. Although a lot has changed, a major impact is being seen in the education sector, with schools, universities and institutions being locked down, affecting more than 300 million students worldwide. It’s more than evident that learners across the world need to be connected with their mentors for an uninterrupted learning process, so that they don’t lose out on precious time.

Pearson, being the world’s leading learning company, understands that teachers and students share a timeless bond. And to keep that alive, we are offering a mix of our digital solutions that can enhance the process and capacity of learning and provide the needed support and skill enhancement in these times:

Learner Support

Active App- A unique interactive digital learning mobile app

With a special access code provided by Pearson, continue learning with textbook-based digital content that covers all classroom topics with related experiments, assignments and activities blended with the chapters.

Steps to Download:

  • Download Active App from your Android Playstore/ iOs Appstore
  • Register and create account/ sign in as existing user
  • Click on the “+” icon and enter access code as shared by school or given on the inner back cover of the textbook.

Quikik- An AI-based Math learning app for Grades 6-8

Reconnects students with Math learning through bite-sized videos, engaging content on multiple topics and a game-like interface with fun duels with friends digitally. It encourages better learning in a speedy, engaging and stress-free manner. To know more, you can download the app here.

MyInsights- Digital test series for IIT-JEE

Offers seamless preparation modules through tests and assessment methods, to help improve weak concepts and be confident for the real exam. 

What you’ll get:

  • Mock tests marked as per latest scheme
  • 10-years papers
  • Instant reports
  • Institute dashboard for individual student assessment

To know more about the Myinsights  online test series program, visit - IIT JEE Main Test Series | JEE Main Exam Coaching Online| MyInsights 

Skill Enhancement

MePro-  A feedback based digital English language improvement tool

With free access for levels 1, 2 & 3, increase your chances of better employability with upgraded communication skills and proficiency level.

Be exposed to:

  • Adaptive learning
  • Measurable outcomes
  • Illustrated themes
  • Digital badges to suit job profiles

Online Teacher Training: Since teachers play a critical role in teaching and keeping students engaged and motivated while studying at home, we are also doing online teacher training and have reached out to over 500 teachers in the last week, helping them to learn to teach digitally. Through organizing online webinars with schools on different themes and topics, we have been able to extend our outreach extensively in remote places which has led to greater connectivity and confidence amongst teachers.

In India, thousands of students travel far and wide to pursue their education dreams and to fulfil their career goals. Our partners and customers play a crucial part in helping them realise their goals and hence, we are taking comprehensive action to enable our customers and learners to continue to work and study online. 

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe!

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