Feeling Stuck At Your Job? Here's What You Can Do To #AccelerateYourCareer

As professionals, we all feel stuck at some point in our careers. This can be overwhelming and can make us feel unworthy or unproductive.

If you have landed at this piece, chances are that you too are going through the same feeling, probably at different degrees of intensity. And if it is intense enough, deep down somewhere you know you are ready to #AccelerateYourCareer.

But, what can we do to kickstart this acceleration? Let’s talk about a 3-step process you must fulfil before you take the leap of faith.

Declutter Your Thoughts

The period that falls between realising the need to accelerate your career and actually taking a step towards it can be defined by overbearing thoughts and emotions. One moment you are ready to give in your papers and the next moment you are doubting your decisions. 

These thoughts and emotions can get tangled in your head leading to confusion and doubt. This is why the first step towards a more fulfilling career is to declutter your thoughts.

You need to identify the exact things that are bothering you about your professional situation. Are you concerned about your slow career growth? Are monetary factors upsetting you? Are there specific people or processes that you are unable to deal with? Or are you simply seeking a more fulfilling and rewarding career opportunity? Ask yourself these questions and try to find the missing pieces of the puzzle. After all, the first step towards finding anything is to know exactly what you’re looking for.

Find A New Goal

With your issues set clear in front of you, it’s time to set a new goal. Try to identify what would provide you with all that you need. For instance, if you were worried about your slow growth in your previous work setting, where would you want to be in order to accelerate your growth?

Having a goal motivates you and puts a clear reward in front of you. It shows you where you would reach if you are dedicated. This should be accompanied by extensive research about your industry. Find out about the most in-demand skills in your industry, discover the latest industry trends, talk to experts and discuss your career plans. Once you have conducted your research, you’ll be able to identify your goals.

Set attainable goals but do not be complacent while doing so. Remember being complacent is just one step away from feeling stuck again. So, don’t be afraid to dream big.

Upskill Yourself

Now that you know where you want to be, it’s time to identify your shortcomings and work towards filling those gaps. This would require upskilling yourself and picking up newer, more advanced skillsets.

Another advantage of upskilling is that it opens up a wider range of opportunities for you and allows you to push yourself to the best of your abilities.

A great way to do this is to take up online courses relevant to your requirements. Pearson provides an extensive range of executive education programs that are thoughtfully crafted to provide you with the perfect platform to enhance your skills as a professional and upskill yourself to be able to reach your goals. Know more about these courses here.

Feeling stuck in the professional front can be incredibly overwhelming and can also take a toll on your personal life. It is important to tackle this problem at the right time and take appropriate measures to make sure you are reaching your true potential. With this 3-step process, you will be able to increase your productivity while dealing with this problem.

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