Prepare Yourself To Ace JEE Advanced 2020 With Pearson MyInsight’s All India Remote Proctored Test

No sphere of life has been left unaffected by this pandemic and the world is now striving to find ways to adapt to the changing way of living and students are no exception to this situation. Many exams have been postponed due to the pandemic and students can now see their career plans derailing. However, every cloud has a silver lining. In the present scenario, the silver lining has been presented by e-learning. Many technologies are being developed to facilitate the learning process of students and are allowing them to keep up their learning curve even amidst the pandemic. One such technology is proctored tests.

A proctored test is a test where a candidate is monitored in real-time with the help of a web-cam and artificial intelligence. Special efforts are taken to formulate a report of the candidate’s performance in the fairest manner. As the World’s Learning Company, Pearson has adapted this state-of-the-art technology to help JEE Advanced applicants. 

Pearson MyInsights is all set to conduct FREE remote proctored tests for JEE Advanced applicants. Through these proctored tests, applicants will get a clear understanding of the pattern and format of the exam and get the hang of the authentic exam experience. This is an excellent opportunity for candidates to identify the areas that need to be polished before the day of the exam and brush up their concepts. These tests will provide candidates with their all India ranks and let them have a clear insight into their preparation level by creating an environment identical to the kind applicants will have to face on the day of the exam. Moreover, these tests will be offered by Pearson free of cost to allow applicants to prepare for their JEE Advanced without any obstacle. 

Here’s what applicants can get access to by registering for these proctored tests.