6 Must-Have Habits Which Will Help You Crack UPSC Exam

UPSC exam or better known as The Civil Services Examination is a nationwide competitive examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission to recruit candidates for higher Civil Services of the Government of India. It is considered to be one of the toughest examinations in India, and cracking it is no easy task. However, with dedicated planning, preparation, and proper habits, you can achieve this herculean task too.

Let's take a look at some of the must-have habits which will help you crack the UPSC exam:


Planning may prove to be one of the most crucial habits you can develop while preparing for the UPSE exam. The syllabus of the UPSE examination is vast, and one cannot handle it without proper planning about how much time and attention each subject should get. The planning also includes dividing the subjects into more manageable parts. With planning comes the execution part, which is just as important an aspect of planning. Planning should become a familiar aspect for the aspirant, from planning a timetable to planning a daily, weekly, and monthly study goal, it should become a part of the lifestyle. 


One thing that cannot be stressed enough in order for you to achieve your goal of cracking the UPSE exam is PRACTICE! Make a habit of practising whatever you have learned while the concepts are fresh to make them stronger than before. With practice, you can assess your level of understanding and perception of the core concepts. Thoroughly practise mock tests for both Prelims and Mains to get a fair idea of question framing, difficulty levels, and time management.

Developing writing skills:

Good writing skills are very important for cracking the UPSE examination. Aspirants mainly focus upon the preliminary examinations, which is an objective type test. But in the long-term, developing writing skills is a must as the main examination is a traditional subjective test for which answers have to be written in text. Therefore, if you are serious about clearing the mains examination, you should start developing your writing skills from the prelims stage. Make a habit of writing at least 1000 words daily and make the writing precise, relevant to the topic with neat handwriting. This is a must-have habit among all UPSC aspirants.

Reading newspapers:

You may be familiar with this because newspaper reading is required to answer the current affairs questions. Many questions that are asked in the examinations come directly from the newspapers. Hence, it is very crucial to read newspapers daily to crack the UPSE exam. Budding aspirants should make this a habit during their preparation period.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle:

Maintaining a healthy and disciplined lifestyle is very necessary in order to prepare for the UPSE examination. It does not mean breaking all ties with the social world, but having a life with fewer distractions, a healthy diet, a proper sleep cycle and regular exercise is a prerequisite to excel in the preparations. Develop such habits that will encourage healthy life choices and complement your preparation process.


Aspirants should develop a daily routine to indulge in healthy and quality discussions with their peers, teachers, and coaching instructors. Quality discussions should focus upon a topic so everyone can look at it from different perspectives and back them with verified data available in the public domain. Discussions are a great way of gathering differing points of view and necessary information on any given topic.

The above habits will benefit your preparation and help you crack the UPSE exam.

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