Developing a trained and highly skilled workforce with vocational learning

We witnessed in recent times how the global economy went through a turbulent state, forcing thousands of people out of their jobs. Many of them never focus on hands-on skills in other trades available across the globe. People who have a skill-based education or training tend to be more employable. This need for skill-based education gave rise to vocational education or training. Vocational training focuses on improving technical skills for a specific job or trade. It offers you practical knowledge in contrast to theoretical knowledge by the traditional formal education system. By learning about various vocational courses, one can choose the right one for their career growth and development.

What is vocational learning?

Vocational learning may contain instructional programs or courses that prepare you for a profession that requires a specialised skill, such as a technician, artisan, or tradesperson. It may involve imparting classroom instructions, hands-on training, or a combination of both. Secondary and higher secondary education in India usually comprises one or two vocational subjects. Still, real vocational learning happens outside the formal education system, and it often leads to a certification or a diploma. You may also undergo vocational learning directly as an apprentice or a trainee with or without any formal qualification.

Benefits of vocational learning:

Vocational learning helps in developing a trained and highly skilled workforce, its benefits help in job training and career preparation.

  • Development of skill for employability:
    Vocational learning plays a crucial role in skill development and employability. The importance of vocational development can be summed up as the difference between theoretical knowledge and practical skills. In non-vocational studies, students often spend hours of their time exploring a variety of subjects, and as a result, they lack practical knowledge. However, the students who opt for vocational learning get to spend more time in the practical workshops, learning hands-on practical skills related to their chosen field.
  • Graduating with work skills to add value to the education:
    Every employer looks for new employees who have the required skills to do the job well and adapt quickly to the work environment. Businesses spend a significant amount of money trying to hire new employees, as they must go through a training process and expect that there will be a learning curve for the employee on a new job.
  • Opportunity to build a strong social network while learning:
    Everyone knows how important it is to have a strong network that can play a direct role in finding a job and building a successful career. Vocational learning provides students with an excellent opportunity to build a strong network which further enhances their learning experience with their professional careers. The various practical projects and coursework provide ample chances to develop better and closer relationships with classmates, professors and professionals working in the particular trade.
  • Finding employment after graduation:
    Many graduates struggle to find employment immediately after graduation. Students from a vocational learning background have the experience to list on their resume so that the employers can know that they have a significant portion of the training they need. Often, graduates start building a professional network through their job placements and internships.

Vocational learning and education pave the way for the learners to gain new skills and become efficient with consistent training.

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