Boost your JEE Preparation with IIT-JEE Foundation Series

In India, to be an IIT graduate or an IIT student is momentous. It is a stepping stone for many engineering aspirants. These institutes are built to offer a competitive learning environment and a bright future to their students. Every year, over a million students in India take IIT entrance exams. Even though there are limited seats, the enthusiasm is the same every single year.

Let’s learn a bit more about one of the most competitive exams in India

IIT is the Indian Institute of Technology that was founded in 1951. The first IIT college to be inaugurated was IIT Kharagpur. Even though the inauguration of the first IIT was in 1956, the term ‘Indian Institute of Technology’ was adopted back in 1951.  As of 2021, there are 23 IITs across the nation. These institutes are declared as Institutes of National Importance by the government.

These IITs have undergraduate students as well as postgraduate students. The majority of students pursue Ph.D. and Master’s programs, as explained in an interview by V Ramgopal Rao, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi director.

What is the process for IIT preparation?

IIT JEE is the national-level competitive exam that selects candidates for these reputed IITs. The JEE preparation is divided into two stages: JEE Main and JEE Advanced. Any student who is appearing for class 12th or has cleared class 12th is eligible to appear for JEE Main.

JEE Main, the first of the two stages, determines your qualification for the appearance of JEE Advanced. The results of the second stage of the exam determine your future in the IITs. You can also get admissions in B.Tech/BE courses in reputed institutes across India on your JEE Main rank.

It is important to keep an eye on the eligibility criteria every year before you appear for the exams as they tend to change after a certain period of time.

When is it ideal to start preparing for IIT entrance exams?

As it is rightfully said, "The early bird catches the worm". And in IIT, the earlier the better. Up until a few years ago, the students would start preparing for the IIT entrance exams during their classes in the 11th and 12th. Then, with the rise in competition and academic patterns, it was considered to be in the best interest of students to start preparing for IIT from class 8th.

Presently, with the progression in the education system, you can start preparing for IIT as early as 6th grade. The goal is to not just prepare you for the IIT exams. You can also appear for other competitive exams like GMAT, Olympiads, National Talent Search Examination, etc.

Physics, chemistry, and mathematics are the primary subjects covered in the IIT exams. These subjects are vast and it is best to start learning them at the early stages of your academics.

A good JEE score can also land you the opportunity to apply to other prestigious non-IIT colleges if you do not secure admission into the IITs. The focus of these entrance exams is to select the best. But apart from IITs, you have many other options to explore. Either way, it is best to start preparing as early as class 6th.

What are the best IIT foundation books?

Apart from bringing in daily habitual changes to prepare yourself for the country's toughest competitive exams, there are some of the best IIT foundation books for each class, from 6th to 10th, that you must consider getting your hands on.

Aside from NCERT, the other books to consider are the Pearson IIT Foundation series books that provide authentic and tested content for IIT preparation.

  • Pearson IIT Foundation Series Class 6 Pearson IIT Foundation Series Mathematics and Science includes strong content for beginners that is focused on teaching application-based learning. They have very detailed solutions to questions that encourage you and keep you engaged by making learning easier.
  • Pearson IIT Foundation Series Class 7 Since PCM is the main subject area in IIT preparation, the Pearson IIT Foundation Series includes Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics books that help you to get started on the right foot.
  • Pearson IIT Foundation Series Class 8 It is believed class 8 signifies an important transition in a student’s academic life. You become more knowledgeable and aware of their education. To keep up with school academics and simultaneously prepare for IIT, the Pearson IIT Foundation Series for class 8 includes Mathematics, Biology, and Chemistry books.
  • Pearson IIT Foundation Series Class 9 and 10 The last 2 years of school education are crucial. And since, as an IIT aspirant, you have been preparing for the best since class 6, it becomes easier for you to deal with the competitive academic life ahead. Pearson’s IIT Foundation Series for classes 9 and 10 includes PCM books, which are ideal for keeping up with the challenging IIT preparation coming ahead.

Along with coursebooks, Pearson also offers IIT Foundation practice books for classes 7 to 10. These practice books are designed to keep students at par with their school and JEE curriculum. They contain 4 categories of tests which include Chapter Test, Unit Test, Section Test, and Full-length Test.

These practice books include cognitive level questions that are application-based and help to enhance problem-solving skills. The Pearson IIT Foundation Practice books include challenging tests, sample questions, notes, and quick revision point at the end of the chapters.

IIT exams are one of the toughest exams in this country and require wholesome dedication along with accurate knowledge. Study materials are just as important as your attitude toward learning in order to pass the IIT entrance exams. It’s a long journey, but with the right resources, it can be a successful one.

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