Online Vs. Traditional School: Which Is The Better Choice?

The lockdown of Covid-19 has completely changed the education game. Being in college was once associated with dorm rooms and lecture halls but now most people are opting for online classes because of convenience. There are pros and cons to both learning systems so let us explore those points so you can choose the one that is more suited to your needs.

Benefits of online schools

One of the key benefits of online schools is the convenience of time. Not only do you cut down on traveling to and for from school but some lectures are already pre-recorded so that you can learn on your own time instead of being available at a specifically scheduled hour.

This makes a huge difference in your routine as you are not planning everything around the school timings but you are learning when it is best for you. Everything you learn with an open and fresh mind is learned better than being forced on to lectures when your mind is occupied because you are not very likely to pay attention or recall the material later on.

Another thing online schools can do is show visuals and explain concepts easily in forms of pictures, videos, diagrams, etc. These visuals can capture the attention of children and make the concepts interesting enough to learn and remember.

Benefits of traditional schools

Most students learn responsibility and discipline in childhood due to their respect and fear of authority in offline schools. In childhood, most of us lack the motivation or a direction in life, and the teachers in traditional schools play a huge role in training children.

But after a point, most of us have to develop intrinsic motivation and self-discipline so as to keep up with the rest of the world. If you are someone who finds it difficult to stay motivated to study every day, social accountability of offline schools is the best option for you. If you know you will be asked to submit something in class tomorrow, you are very likely to finish it, even if you have to burn the midnight oil. Such a need never arises in online schools which means you are very likely to delay studying if you are not motivated enough.

Another compelling reason to study in a traditional school would be socializing. Children who learn to socialize in school can embrace the real world easily. Even for teenagers and adults, studying something together creates a bond like no other, and making friends is quite easy when you are all in it together. Opting for an offline school just to have people to talk to may not sound like a valid reason but being in school is more about getting an education. It is an experience that teaches us a lot of values that you can only appreciate if you have been to a traditional school.

Both types of schooling have their benefits and setbacks but there is a way to combine both and get the best out of both worlds. Pearson’s K-12 Education program has a unique blended learning ecosystem that enables teachers to seamlessly teach the students. This program will empower teachers by helping them plan better, collect feedback, and ensure that this learning can carry on anytime and anywhere without a hitch.

K-12 can adapt based on the changing times as well as to the age of the child. Schools all over India are integrating this system to help their students and teachers. The curriculum is completely mapped and customized to keep children informed and interested at the same time by igniting their imagination. The program can also help students preparing for CBSE, ICSE, and all State and International Boards.

The best part about Pearson, apart from the K-12 program, is that they understand students and their needs. They know that learning is best done when students enjoy it thoroughly. So to up their potential, they have built the Pearson ActiveApp that brings a plethora of digital resources that will provide uninterrupted learning anywhere and anytime. Due to its user-friendly interface, animations, games, interactive activities, quick recapitulation, and self-paced learning system, the app will be easy to get used to and very difficult to put down. Learning new things will be second nature for students who use ActiveApp.

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