5 Last Minutes PTE Test Preparation Tips For Scoring High Score

Every examination generally has three phases of preparation. Learning comes first, followed by practising everything you've learned, and finally last-minute preparation. No matter how much you have studied or how well you have prepared, those last few days or the last few hours of preparation give you a morale boost. If you skip, then chances are that it might leave you worrying and wondering if you missed out on something.

PTE preparation needs to be given at least a few months time. It is an examination that tests your proficiency in the English language and opens your path to global opportunities for jobs, studies, and immigration.

Even if you are someone whose first language is English, you will need to set aside enough time to prepare for the PTE exam if you want to score high. Its qualification depends on how accurate your command of the language is and guages many of its technicalities, including grammar. Hence, it won’t be beneficial to rely on your daily communication language since it is not as accurate as the examination requires it to be.

Preparing with the right study materials can help you pass the exam with flying colours. And to boost your confidence even more, here are some PTE exam tips that you can follow.

1. Go over your notes

Throughout your PTE exam preparation, you have to make sure to take down notes about everything. You can make notes about topics that you are good at, topics that you are weak it, important information that you think you might need to glance at the last minute, note it all down. Make an excel sheet if you have to and keep it organized.

You can make vocabulary notes about new words you discover or words you find difficult to pronounce. Make sure to take notes of grammar lessons too. Keep everything simple enough to skim through and recollect the information.

2. Check your equipment

One of the factors that most PTE candidates neglect are checking their equipment and gadgets. Earlier, it was mandatory for candidates to appear for the exam only through the designated centre. But now, you can appear for the exam from anywhere if you have the resources. You will need a computer, a speaker, and a microphone.

No matter if you are giving the examination from the centre or from your home, check if all your devices are functioning properly. Especially your microphone or earphones. Since one of the rounds of the PTE test involves speaking, you have to make sure that your mic is not faulty so your answers are recorded correctly.

3. Do activities that calm you before the exam

Now, most candidates will think that this is not a part of the PTE preparation. But that’s not true. It is important that you are not only academically prepared but also mentally at peace to appear for the exam. Exams are bound to stress you but do not let them panic you.

Listening to songs, going for a frisk walk, talking to someone, or watching your favourite video are some of the things that can help you calm a few hours or minutes before you appear for your PTE examination.

4. Be well-rested

Exam stress cannot be avoided but it also should not be neglected. Do not exhaust yourself mentally or physically before your D-day. Eat well, sleep enough, and stay sharp because that your mind needs to do a lot of thinking for a couple of hours.

If you are not well-rested, you will be agitated, and that can negatively affect your PTE score. We don’t want that, do we? So, do not feel guilty to give yourself a good rest a day before your exam.

5. Appear for practice tests

Practice tests begin in the second phase of your exam preparation, but they must continue till the end. It helps to stay alert, to learn, and to keep your mind working. Plus, it helps you perform well in a time-bound examination that is part of PTE Academic. A few days or weeks before your examination, you should invest as much time as you can in appearing for unique practise tests. This keeps you competitive and you never stop learning.

Pearson’s PTE Academic coursebooks have all the practise test questions that you can ever need to prepare for the exam. They also have online tests which give you your score in 2 business days. Hence, you have enough time to gauge your performance and strategise your preparation further.

The purpose of these last-minute PTE tips is to help you achieve a well-rounded preparation. You should not solely rely on these and invest a good amount of time in studying from the relevant materials before you jump to last-minute preparations.

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