5 PTE Myths That Can Misguide You & Affect Your PTE Test Score

The intimidation of appearing for an exam knows no discrimination. Every individual goes through it. And when you appear for an exam as competitive as the PTE, you are bound to go through phases of intimidation. You will try looking through various sources to get the best learning materials, discover every hack you can, skim through every question paper from previous years. This is an excellent strategy to learn and perform your best. But you should have a strict gatekeeping method to figure out which of these sources, tips, and tricks are reliable.

The PTE exam assesses your command of the English language. The qualification for this exam depends on your accuracy in listening, writing, speaking, and reading English. Irrespective of whether English is your first language or not, this can come across as a tough examination to clear. But does that mean you should hold back? No, it simply means you need to learn precisely and save yourself from the PTE myths floating on the internet.

Let’s bust some myths so you not only know the do’s of preparing for the PTE Academic but also know the don’ts.

1.  Backspace can make you lose score

When you are appearing for the writing format of the PTE test, you are bound to spare some time thinking, writing your answer, and through the process, you might want to change your answer or fix a spelling error. Don’t hesitate to backspace your whole answer if you have to, as it does not affect your final score.

What you have to be careful about is that you are thoughtful in your answer and that it is relevant to the question. You do not have to settle for an answer that you are unsatisfied with. If you have enough time left, you can always backspace and correct your entire answer or just the bits of it.

2.  Finish your answer long before the timer ends

PTE exam formats are time-bound. There’s no need to panic about it because you will have time to think about your answer. It doesn't matter if you finish your answer long before your timer ends or right on time. It will not affect your PTE score in any way.

However, you have to practise thinking and acting quickly. The time span to answer each question is limited but also enough. So, it is important to keep this factor in mind when you are for PTE Academic.

3.  Use complex vocabulary

This is a myth that not only prevails in the PTE examination but also in daily life. The goal of this exam is not for you to learn the most difficult English words or the most complex sentences. You have to be able to put your thoughts across in a non-colloquial language that is easy to understand.

You can add reading as an essential part of the PTE examination so you can enhance your vocabulary and learn its precise application. Don’t invest time in finding the difficult words because of the myth that they make you look smart. Communicating in simplistic and understandable language is the key.

4.  Accents help you score better

A PTE exam score can help you get a global job, a visa, or an academic opportunity. Hence, the myth is that if you are someone who knows many accents, you are bound to score better in the speaking format. But that’s not true.

To deliver an impeccable performance in the speaking round of PTE, you have to learn to speak clearly, pronounce words accurately, and have a subtle voice range that is loud enough but does not sound like you are screaming.

5.  Select all the options if you are confused

The format of the PTE MCQs depends on the sole idea of selecting one correct answer throughout the exam. If you are confused and do not know the answer to the question, selecting all of the options is not going to help you score in any way because you think that at least one of them is the correct one.

Take time to think, analyze, and then pick your answer. That’s the only way you can score on the exam. If you select all the options, that particular question will not be counted in your PTE score.

There are many ways you can prepare for your PTE exam. You can look through the internet to find study materials or learn from the alumnus of this examination. But one of the most reliable and certified sources is to get Pearson’s PTE Academic official coursebooks. They cover every aspect of learning and practising that you need to prepare for the exam. They also have mock tests that give you a taste of the official examination.

Learning the right way is the core to qualifying for PTE Academic. As a result, it is only prudent to study from reliable sources rather than fall prey to myths propagated by untrustworthy websites or study materials.

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