How To Choose The Right Online Assessment Platform for Higher Edu

As the educational system and academic curriculum improve year after year, digitization in this sector has assisted institutes and students in keeping up. With innovative technologies coming into force at a rapid speed and the need to digitize the world, e-learning has become multifold more advanced than it was a decade ago. It is more than holding online classes and has proven to be helpful for students of all academic years.

Higher education is not just about degrees; it is about shaping life further. It focuses on specializing in skills and getting ready for the professional world. Online assessment platforms help both students and institutes formulate a more stable, quick, and accurate operational system. With so much going on, it is easier to digitize most of the process.

How do online assessment platforms work?

In simple terms, the purpose of an online assessment platform is to test the capabilities of students based on their chosen courses and subjects. Education institutes use these e-learning platforms to automate most of their assessments, which can be for both practise and examination.

Students can get access to independent online assessment platforms too, where they can go through tests and questionnaires to practise their skills and for self-assessment.

What are the advantages of an online assessment platform?

Higher education may need more practice, more time, and more dedication than the rest of the academic years. It’s a crucial stage in a student’s educational life, and regular assessment is needed to understand where they stand in terms of knowledge and skills. Online assessment platforms not only help in higher education assessment but also have other advantages, like:

  • They save time for both students and educators.
  • It is economical and has no geographical barriers.
  • It is possible for students to make customised class schedules.
  • The automated process ensures a seamless learning and assessment experience.
  • Learning management system makes administration easier.

How to choose the right online assessment platform for higher education?

Here is a checklist to consider before you finalize an online-learning platform focused on assessment for higher education.

Performance analysis

The prime job of an online assessment platform is to help measure the student’s knowledge and aptitude. Hence, performance analysis is a feature that is mandatory. But not any performance analysis. You should go for a platform that provides an explicit breakdown of the learner’s performance. This is not just about giving grades or scores but helping students understand their strengths and weaknesses and find solutions to problems they do not know. The evaluation provided by the platform should be based on testing students’ conceptual knowledge, and the insights should be constructive.

Remote proctoring feature

Speaking of evaluation, during the online assessment it is not possible to have invigilators alone conduct the exams. At least not accurately. Hence, to eliminate the possibility of cheating, the AI-based integrated remote proctoring feature helps the invigilators to assess the exams as this feature has anti-cheat systems and supports live streaming, screen sharing, and audio-visual recording.

Customised question patterns

With online assessment platforms, educators or institutes should have the opportunity to create their own set of questions or patterns. Along with this feature, it is important to note that the platform also has a rich library of questions related to the courses or subjects. With this feature on an online assessment platform, it is also possible to create a personalized assessment for students on a group or individual level. In higher education, it is important to tackle each student based on their learning patterns and skills. With the feature of customized question creation options, educational institutes can easily do that.


The reason why digitization has progressed so much is that with each upgrade it becomes more user-friendly. When it comes to preparing for higher education, both students and educators want to spend less time figuring out how to work their way around the assessment platform so that they can spend more time learning. Make sure that the assessment platform you choose is user-friendly as it saves time and helps increase productivity.

Support team

No matter which online assessment platform you choose, they all have a support team to guide you through the various processes like installation, operation, fixing a bug, updating, customizing, etc. It is important to ensure that the support team is responsive, helpful, and available 24*7.

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