The Most Important Reasons Why Students Need Personalized Learning

All fingers are not the same. This Persian saying expresses the most fundamental fact upon which human personality is based. Every individual is built differently and has their own plans and ways of achieving them. Lately, this fact has been more and more celebrated in the education system.

Almost a decade ago, the education system was rigid and not very tolerant of the needs of students. Everything was limited to classrooms and a few hours of learning. Not every student is able to grasp things at the same level or pace. Yet, they were bound to that system. But now, it has evolved, and a personalized learning experience has finally taken over.

What is personalized learning?

Personalized training is about providing a customized learning experience to students. Educators and institutes are establishing this form of learning by installing personalized learning software into the education system. The goal is to analyse the skill sets of each student and help them enhance them through digital media.

It is not only important to provide the best academic environment for students, but it is also about ensuring that they learn in a mentally and emotionally secure setting. Personalized learning helps eradicate the pressure of keeping up with everyone else and promotes the idea of learning at your own pace.

Why is it important for educators to provide personalized learning to students?

1. Builds healthy competition

Personalized education does not degrade competition amongst the students but makes personal growth the first priority. Academic competition can be ruthless, and it only gets tougher in the later years of a student's educational life. Hence, K-12 education has adapted personalised education to teach students to compete with themselves first and then gradually with their peers. Learning is individualistic, and if the students are not confident in their own knowledge, competing with other students can feel overwhelming.

2. Makes students more responsible

The personalized learning model includes a lot of study materials and tests that students can use independently. This helps them learn in the privacy and comfort of their home. It gives them a sense of responsibility, which drives them to learn on their own. Personalized learning also includes integrated learning, which gives students a chance to explore more knowledge independently and raise queries, as well as have discussions in classrooms or with their teachers face-to-face.

3. Diversified learning experience

Earlier, the learning routine was not very diverse. It was limited to teachers teaching, students noting things down, appearing for exams, and waiting for results. There’s so much more that can happen with personalized learning. These platforms have various learning methods and sources. They use visuals, AI, case studies, etc. This also gives students the chance to explore different learning sources.

4. Personal assessment

Personalized learning platforms have tests and exams that students can take at their leisure to judge their performance. They get a detailed analysis of their performances, which gives them an insight into their strengths and weaknesses. Students can always come back to their teachers in case they need help improving their skills. But at the same time, the personalized learning platform is also helpful in providing resources.

5. Increases productivity

Digital learning gives students the opportunity to learn at their own time and pace. They can always learn, relearn, and revise when they want to. This helps them keep track of their progress and not rush into things. It not only makes the students more productive, but it also helps nurture their mental and physical health as they have more peace of mind.

6. Practical learning

Practical learning helps build better recall values and makes the session more interactive. Student personalized learning encourages teachers to integrate more project-based learning. It also includes games and quizzes, which make the learning environment more enthusiastic and responsive.

How can educators implement personalized learning?

Now that the education system in general has become more tech-savvy, it is easy for institutes to implement personalized learning by reforming the school’s IT systems. They can integrate the software of their chosen personalized training platform into their school’s system and classrooms. Similarly, they can provide access to these platforms to each student. The feature of the personalized learning platforms allows teachers to have admin access, which makes the management easy.

ActiveApp is built to cater to the interests of each student through interactive learning. It is customised to align with the curriculum of CBSE, ICSE, State and international boards. It is now possible for students to get access to top-notch personalized education from anywhere at any time.

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