Time Management Tips for JEE Preparation

JEE preparation is one of the crucial phases in an individual’s life. And why not? The one exam that takes a long time to prepare for will decide the future of the career you have planned. To crack JEE with flying colours, you have to be thorough with the syllabus. That’s a given; there's no need to even mention it. But the portion is vast, and if you fail to manage your time effectively, either you will not be able to cover it in time or you will finish it but not efficiently enough.

Exam preparation is a time when you are more stressed than focused. This is bound to occur. It is a time when you can easily spiral down the road of self-doubt and question your capabilities. The chances of this happening are high if you are unable to cope with the curriculum. So, instead of rushing through the syllabus at the end or relying on your guts to perform your best, why not indulge in some JEE time management so you are comprehensively prepared?

Speaking of time management, how long does it even take to prepare for JEE?

Ideally, you need a good amount of time to prepare for JEE. Some students start preparing for it during their junior year of college, while others begin as early as 7th grade. But many factors are involved in this. One of the possibilities for not starting so early is that you did not have enough clarity about your goals in school and hence you decided to prepare for your JEE during your 11th and 12th grades. This does not mean you are late to the party.

Even when you start preparing in junior college, you have enough time on your hands to be thorough with the entire syllabus if you manage it effectively. But let’s note one thing here. Since you are preparing for JEE along with your college or school curriculum, you will have different schedules to keep up with. You will have to put in more work and effort to strike the balance between your education and personal health.

Sounds tedious, doesn’t it? Let’s simplify it for you then. Here are some effective time management tips that you can rely on for not just your JEE preparation but for most of your academic as well as professional life.

1. Set a routine and schedule

A routine keeps you in check. This is not a restricted but disciplined life that you must lead in order to devote enough time to JEE preparation. It might feel forced for a few days, but eventually, you will get into the habit of it. Divide your day based on your tasks and then further divide it based on the subjects or topics you need to study.

Always be aware of JEE exams, syllabus, and paper patterns in advance as this will help you define your preparation. And similarly, try to get the dates of your exams in school and college well in advance so you can plan your priorities accordingly.

2. Do co-ordinated learning

Since you start preparing for JEE as early as in school or college, you will come across many similar syllabuses or topics between both your curriculums. In such a case, you will save time on learning and preparation if you are aware of the syllabus. If not, you might have to relearn it for either of your curriculums. The best way to tackle this would be to be thorough with every concept, and in case you find similarities between both curriculums, you will always be prepared.

3. Learn and revise simultaneously

Constant revision is a must. It helps you build a stronger recall. Once you have learnt a concept, you should give it a few days, or even a few weeks, and then go back to revise it. It is not necessary that you go through the whole concept again to revise. You can try giving tests, mock tests, or solving question papers to see how much of what you learned you can remember. This strategy is useful for school, college, and JEE Main as well as JEE Advance preparation.

4. Spare at least a day a week for doubt-solving

If you come across doubts, you can save a day in the week to solve them. Or you can do them as you learn. But that might interrupt the flow of your studies. This is a personal choice. It depends on your style of studying. Either way, make sure to get your doubts cleared as soon as you can and do not wait until the last moment.

5. Get reliable study materials

When you are preparing for such a competitive entrance exam, your mind wanders from one source of learning to another, hoping that you will eventually find the best one. Either you will end up finding study materials that you will stick with throughout your course of preparation, or you will get stuck in a loop. But picking one source of learning at the beginning of your JEE preparation can help you stay balanced throughout.

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