How to Maintain Consistency in Studies for IIT JEE Preparation?

As an IIT aspirant, you must be aware of the amount of hard work that JEE preparation and further studies demand. Planning your studies, finding the right resources to learn from, scheduling your days, and strategizing your entire life are some of the important aspects you need to focus on to succeed in your entrance examinations. Not just that, but you also need to maintain coordination between these tasks and stay consistent with them. We all know that consistency is the key. But do we also know how to stay consistent?

When you are preparing for the JEE exams, you have to leave no stone unturned. But, if whatever you do is not supported by consistency, then you might fail to perform to your fullest. Hence, here are 6 things you can practice to stay consistent throughout your JEE preparations.

1.    Prepare a timetable

We can emphasize all we want the importance of consistency. But if you have not laid down the tasks and assigned time to finish them, then you won’t even know what to stay consistent with. You have to prepare a timetable that comprises all your tasks and your studying schedule.

You can make it more detailed by mentioning the subjects or topics, or tasks like revisions so that you know exactly what to do at that time of the day. Eventually, you can build the habit of making a customized timetable a day prior. Hence, every night you can plan your coming day. This will not only help you stay consistent but will ensure that you are covering all the subjects and their topics.

2. One day at a time

Take it all in one day at a time. Consistency is a habit that can be built over time. For IIT JEE preparations, you have a lot of syllabi to cover. The best thing is to start early so you don’t burden yourself with finishing the syllabus in a short period. You can take your time, learn at your pace, and cover small fractions of the syllabus each day. Eventually, you can increase your potential by taking on more tasks or covering more syllabi as each day proceeds.

3. Don’t forget to take breaks

JEE preparation should not feel like a punishment. No rule says you have to exhaust yourself and always go beyond your capabilities. You deserve to take in as much as you can. As a responsible IIT aspirant, you are putting in all the hard work you can. But don’t forget to give yourself a break now and then. Sure, you will have to schedule your breaks too. During your leisure time, indulge in activities that please you. Spend time with your family, catch up on old hobbies, meet your friends, engage in sports, etc. Breaks keep you refreshed; they help you stay consistent with your schedule and studies.

4. Set a bunch of small goals

Small goals bring small victories. When you see yourself doing well, you like to keep up with what you are doing. Set your small goals in a way that help you achieve the big ones. Your goals can be to finish a chapter in a day or to memorise the formula in a week. Besides learning goals, you can also aim for some personal goals that help you get better. Setting goals concerning your JEE exam dates and syllabus can be very helpful. Set easy, achievable goals, before you decide to test your full potential. These little goals will get your work done and make you feel proud of yourself.

5. Track your syllabus

Speaking of the syllabus, you must always keep track of your progress. Always keep making notes and highlighting texts, as they help you to stay on track and they are helpful when you want to circle back on certain topics. You should prepare your timetable with respect to your syllabus and your exam dates. It is important to know how much of your portion has been completed and how much you have completed. Based on that, you can change your schedules and make time for revisions or tests.

6. Engage in self-evaluation

Self-evaluation helps you know where you stand. The goal of self-evaluation is to assess your merits and demerits so you can work on getting better. It will tell you what topics you are weak in, or what subjects you score the most in. To work smart, you need to understand both your strengths and weaknesses and turn them in your favour. When you have everything planned out and you are self-aware, staying consistent feels like a piece of cake.

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