JEE Preparation - How to Build a Strong Foundation

When it comes to JEE preparations, students, as well as parents, try to put a finger on the ideal time that is needed to prepare for this entrance exam. There is no fixed answer to this, but let’s just say the sooner the better. This is very subjective and varies from student to student. Some begin their JEE preparation in their 11th and 12th grades, whereas there are others who opt for JEE foundation and begin their preparation in the primary section of their academic years.

What is the JEE Foundation?

JEE Foundation is a course for aspirants that begins in the 8th grade and continues till the 10th grade. It is the steppingstone in JEE preparation for the students, as this IIT foundation course gives them an upper hand over other students who start their preparation after 10th grade. Aspirants start covering the JEE syllabus in school, which not only helps them develop their theoretical knowledge but also helps them to be more strategic in their preparation, adapt cognitive skills, and cover most of the portions in the early stages.

Why should you opt for the JEE foundation?

● To get a head start

It is advantageous to have clarity about your academic and career choices right from when you are in school. And when you do have such immense clarity, it’s best you utilize that to begin your preparation early. The IIT foundation gives students that opportunity. The foundation course not only prepares students for the JEE entrance exam but also for the JSTSE, NTSE, and various Olympiads.

● Basics are clear

In the 11th grade, your academic curriculum will be according to your JEE syllabus. When you have your concepts clear from the beginning, you can spend these 2 years brushing up on your skills instead of learning everything from scratch. Since your foundation is already clear, it will not take a lot for you to keep up with the upcoming syllabus.

● Enough time to practice later

When you get a head start on the learning part of your JEE preparation, you can progressively manage to spare more time for your practice sessions. Practice is as important as learning, as that is your only way to push yourself and test your limits. Learning is more time-consuming. Absorbing new information and decoding it in simpler ways so that you remember it is not an easy task. However, you have already completed most of it, and you can now use the time to put what you have learned into practice.

How to build a strong foundation?

1. Prepare a schedule

When you are preparing for the JEE and simultaneously keeping up with your schoolwork, it is common to feel overwhelmed and exhausted. Unless you plan everything ahead of time. You can start by making weekly, monthly, or even quarterly plans to divide your JEE preparation tasks. Start by setting a schedule, a timetable, designed in a way that helps you cover your syllabus. Don’t forget to allocate time for breaks and to do activities that make you feel refreshed.

2. Start making notes from the beginning

If you do not have the habit of taking notes, then JEE Foundation is the preparation phase that can help you develop it. Notes are important because, firstly, they are a brilliant studying method that works for most students. As soon as you write down what you have learned, be it a definition or a formula, it makes it easier for you to memorize it. Secondly, you can always come back to these notes for revisions for simpler explanations. Hence, when you start taking notes during the foundation course, you can refer to them at any point throughout your preparation.

3. Appear for mock tests

Tests serve multiple purposes, like helping you know where you stand. You come across various questions that help you either asses your learning or discover new concepts that you must have missed. They help you understand your potential and reflect on your strengths as well as weaknesses. Furthermore, mock tests are like official JEE exams. You get the firsthand experience of appearing for the exam by appearing for mock tests.

4. Get the right study materials

The solidarity of your JEE foundation course lies in the study materials that you refer to. You cannot only rely on your schoolbooks for extensive foundation preparation.

Pearson being your learning partner, supports you in your complete journey of learn – practice – assess.

Learn from Pearson IIT Foundation series, which is a series of study materials customized to help you bridge the gap between your school and the JEE syllabus. Supported by mobile app, having 900 question solution videos, 200 attemptable tests and 200 downloadable worksheets.

Practice on Pearson IIT Foundation practice books, which consists over 1500 questions covering all the important topics. It also includes unit tests, sections tests, and full-length tests.

Assess with Pearson MyInsights. It provides you topic-level strength with AI enabled tests, thorough online practice with tests at chapter-level, unit-level and on the varied Olympiad tests formats, JEE formats etc.

You can experience integrated learning at your own convenience by using both online and offline resources.

The JEE Foundation's goal is to help you save time and learn to your fullest potential. The primary academic years are the formative years of not just your education, but your life. And when you begin preparing for your competitive exam during this phase, you get mentally and skillfully prepared to achieve success.