Effective Ways to Learn English Online for Students

For any student whose first language is anything other than English, it can be a tough row to hoe. Fluency in English speaking, writing, and reading is essential not only for academic success but also for success in the professional world. Each student learns at their own pace. Hence, personalized learning could do wonders for them. However, schools are frequently unable to meet this requirement. So what’s the next option? Internet! The number of resources available can help any student learn English online.

It’s a long journey, but by degrees, it is possible for any student to achieve fluency in English.

Here are the most fundamental tips that one can use to learn English online.

1. Set a goal

One of the most important steps in learning English for students is to decide their goal. Some of the common goals could be to get better at English to perform well in class, for college applications, to clear an English proficiency exam like PTE Academic, etc. Depending on these goals, one can streamline their learning strategy, create a schedule, get reliable resources, etc.

2. Read online

The Internet is a vast pool of information and offers an unimaginable number of reading resources. Aside from reading, one can also choose to listen to podcasts and consume video content. But at the beginning stage, it could be difficult for students to keep up with the pace of audio and video content. It can be overwhelming. Reading, on the other hand, can be done gradually. It’s important that students do not limit themselves to only reading books. There are numerous online reading platforms with a wide variety of subjects to choose from. No matter what reading source a student picks, it’s best to indulge in active reading. One is bound to discover new words and phrases and learn about significant people. So take time to pause and learn about them.

3. Use online grammar tools

One of the ways to learn English is by practicing. It helps students learn about their drawbacks and track their progress. They can use online grammar tools to check the accuracy of their language. These online grammar check tools are useful for personal learning, schoolwork, college essays, etc. If students actively use these tools, their English proficiency can get better on an academic level.

4. Create personal study materials

One must know that the Internet as a whole is a very viable tool for learning English. Simply by searching for the meaning of words, phrases, discovering synonyms, idioms, etc., one can expand their vocabulary knowledge. For a better learning experience, students can note down all this information and create their own personal study or reference material. It can be difficult to remember anything at first glance. But if one has it recorded somewhere, then they will always go back to it.

5. Use Google translate

One of the most efficient ways to learn English online for students is to use Google Translate to convert the information from their first language to English. Furthermore, when reading anything on the Internet in English that is too difficult to understand, students can translate the page to their preferred language. And vice versa. This will help them learn better by keeping their first language as a reference.

6. Play online trivia games

Online trivia games like quizzes, crosswords, or word games like wordle, scrabbles, etc. are highly informational and engaging. These games are one of the ideal English learning tools that you can turn to after being exhausted from active learning. Students can discover a new game for each day and indulge in fun learning.

7. Use online study materials

There is no shortage of English learning tools online. But the goal is to pick the most reliable ones for the best results. For engaging and blended learning, students can use the learning materials from Pearson K-12. It is designed to teach English to students by integrating it with their school curriculum. The 24/7 Active App comprises multiple English learning tools like live sessions, e-books, animations, games, etc. The number of digital resources offered by Pearson K-12 can be the best companions for students to have a wholesome learning experience.

These simple and easily accessible resources make it possible for any student to learn English online. These effective ways to learn English online can help one get off on the right foot.

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