Preparing for CLAT 2022 in the last 40 days - the dos and the don'ts!

CLAT 2022 is less than 2 months away which calls for some rigorous last-minute preparations. This centralized national level entrance test for law aspirants opens their gateway to 22 National Law Universities in India. An exam that holds so much value can be intimidating for students to tackle. But not if they know how to prepare for CLAT 2022 within a significant amount of time.

CLAT UG and PG aspirants are aware of the dedication and time this entrance exam demands. They begin their preparation ahead of their time. When they are through with their entire syllabus, ready to appear for the exam head-on, the only thing that remains in question now is how to prepare for CLAT 2022 in these last 40 days to make the most of it.

These 40 days are as important as the rest of the months or years that students invest in their CLAT preparation. The goal in these last few days before the examination is not to mug up the entire syllabus as quick as a flash. Rather, it’s time to analyze and evaluate the preparation more meticulously.

Here is a breakdown of all the dos and don’ts that can help law aspirants add value to their CLAT preparation in these last 40 days.

Dos for CLAT 2022 preparation

1. Learn about the weightage of marks

The most important CLAT 2020 preparation tip that students should take into consideration is to go through the marks distribution. Last-minute preparation must be concise. Students can streamline their CLAT preparation in the last 40 days by understanding the weightage or subject, important topics, and exam trends. Hence, it is important that students learn all about the CLAT UG and PG syllabus.

Below is the subject-wise marks distribution for CLAT UG 2022 

  Subjects   Number of Questions   Marks
  English Language   28-32   28 - 32
  Current Affairs, including General Knowledge   35-39   35 - 39
  Legal Reasoning   35-39   35 - 39
  Logical Reasoning   28-32   28 - 32
  Quantitative Techniques   13-17   13 - 17
   Total   150   150

CLAT PG comprises mandatory subjects of the undergraduate program and include 120 objective-type questions carrying 1 mark each. There will be a negative marking of 0.25 marks for every wrong answer. 

2. Have an objective 40-day strategy

 The students must prepare an extensive and objective schedule for the last 40 days before the CLAT exam. They should focus on dedicating a few hours to each subject. This strategy can be prepared on the basis of students’ preferences, strengths, weaknesses, or personalized goals.

 3. Focus on well-rounded preparation

 Each subject needs to be covered meticulously in the last 40 days before the CLAT exam. For instance, if the students are preparing for the English Language subject, then they must focus on aspects like improving grammar, vocabulary development, comprehension, etc. This can be achieved by reading newspapers, online articles, thesis, etc. Students must focus on practical learning along with revising the entire syllabus for a well-rounded preparation.

 4. Appear for mock tests

 Mock tests are built to help students put their knowledge into practice. They can appear for online mock tests that give a synthesised CLAT examination environment. Aside from that, they should also solve previous years' papers. Investing more time in solving papers and appearing for practice or mock tests can be a productive way to revise the entire CLAT syllabus in the last 40 days.

Donts for CLAT 2022 preparation

 1. Don’t skip the schedule

Since students are preparing an extensive 40-day schedule for the last-minute CLAT preparation, it is mandatory to not skip it. Time is of the essence, and as the exam date gets closer, students feel overwhelmed. To avoid that, it’s best for them to create a schedule that they can keep up with.

 2. Don’t leave doubts unsolved

The 40-day CLAT preparation strategy can be a success when students focus on their strengths and weaknesses. Often, students avoid doubt-solving during the last few days before the exam. On the contrary, students should set aside dedicated time in their schedule to solve their doubts and work on subjects or topics that they struggle with.

 3. Don’t forget to self-evaluate

Solving mock tests alone will not help students improve their performance. That is only part one of the entire drill. The latter half of this strategy compromises self-evaluation. Aspirants should score their performance as the quantitative results of the mock tests can help them predict their official CLAT 2022 score.

4. Don’t be overwhelmed by study materials

There is an array of CLAT books out there, but students must carefully choose them. They should select books that offer insightful and simplified explanations that are easy for students to grasp, irrespective of their educational background. One such CLAT book that law aspirants can refer to is Legal Awareness and Legal Reasoning for 2022 by Pearson. This is an ideal choice for any law entrance exam aspirant.

These small but significant CLAT tips can come in handy for all law aspirants. The last-minute preparations are a reflection of their upcoming final performance. Hence, it’s wise to consider it as important as the overall preparation.

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