UGC NET Paper 2 Preparation Strategy & Study Material

UGC NET exam is conducted in two papers (Paper 1 and Paper 2) each consisting of multiple-choice questions (MCQs). Both these papers intend to test the candidate’s aptitude in terms of teaching/academic research and their specialization in any subject. Paper 1 holds a weightage of 100 marks for 50 questions, and Paper 2 holds 200 marks for 100 questions.

The paper pattern of the UGC NET exam gives the candidates a fair idea that Paper 2 holds more weightage. This observation also leads to the idea that Paper 2 can be relatively tougher than Paper 1. However, this is a matter of perception. The candidates may have an added advantage in terms of UGC NET Paper 2 as they get to select a subject of their choice.

Paper 1 can be taken to test the generic knowledge of the aspirants. All the subjects are compulsory. But in the case of Paper 2, the candidates are offered a total of 101 subjects and they have the opportunity to choose any one subject. Depending on the subject of their post-graduation, they select any of these 101 subjects.

These 101 subjects comprise fields like Political Science, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Science and Application, Electronic Science, etc. The candidates can also choose their specialization in Indian languages like Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Oriya, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Tamil, Singhi, Bodo, etc. Furthermore, they also have the option of choosing foreign languages like Chinese, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, etc. The subjects are diverse, but candidates must choose the one that they have pursued their post-graduation.

Candidates who have previously studied or taught in that subject may have an advantage in performing well in UGC NET Paper 2. But there is still scope for better preparation. Paper 2 comprises data-driven, practical, and concept-based questions.

Here’s the UGC NET Paper 2 preparation strategy that the aspirants can refer to tackle these types of questions.

1. Analyze the syllabus

Analyzing the syllabus should be one of the top steps in the UGC NET Paper 2 preparation. However, this should not be a quick glance through it or a skim through the syllabus. Before the aspirants dive into studying their chosen subject, they need to do a deep analysis of the syllabus. This will help them come across the topics that they have covered in their post-graduation. Simultaneously, they will also be aware of the new topics that they will cover. This brief time spent going through the syllabus helps the students plan the next few months of their UGC NET preparation.

2. Pick high-value topics

What is the key to efficient preparation? Being smart about what to study. To score their best in UGC NET Paper 2, candidates do not necessarily need to mug up every bit of the syllabus. There is no hard and fast rule that says one has to cover the entire syllabus. But there is something called "high-value topics," which are nothing but topics with higher mark weightage. One can analyze these topics by going through the previous years’ question papers. These topics should be prioritized first, and the rest of the syllabus can be covered later.

3. Make personalized notes

There are two prime benefits of making personalized notes. Firstly, the candidates can quickly refer back to them when they need to. They are easy to spot when highlighted using coloured pens or underlined. Second, important notes can be written down on paper or digitally. These come in handy at the time of last-minute revisions. However, the students should be precise about what to highlight in their UGC NET books for Paper 2. Key concepts, definitions, formulas, significant dates, statistics, etc. are some of the aspects that they must make note of.

4. Solve previous years’ question papers

The previous years’ question papers are not only helpful for analyzing the high-value topics but also serve as a source of practice tests. The best way for candidates to prepare themselves for the exam is to solve these papers. It helps them get into the exam mode and finish their paper within the given time frame. Furthermore, this strategy helps in active learning.

5. Get reliable study materials

No matter which preparation strategy or subject the candidate chooses, the study materials play a huge role in their success. They should obtain UGC NET Paper 2 books that aid in their overall preparation. Pearson offers a range of UGC NET Paper 1 and 2 books authored by top authors that candidates can rely on from the beginning of their preparation. The Paper 2 books include:

Every UGC NET candidate seeks study materials that are designed to offer fundamental guidelines, test papers, an overview, summarized notes, etc. Pearson UGC NET books offer all of it and more that help the aspirants in rigorous preparation.

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