NSDCI And Pearson Partner to Aid Workforce Skills Enhancement in India

New Delhi : National Skill Development Corporation International (NSDCI) and the world’s leading learning company, Pearson have entered a partnership to promote Pearson’s globally successful programs called Business Technology and Education Council (BTEC) among its education partners and affiliates in India. This collaboration has been initiated to catalyze the adoption of academic and vocational qualifications that are recognized by education ministries and employers globally.

NSDC International will support Pearson to generate awareness about their BTEC programs within its ecosystem, further helping in increasing outreach through its Skilling Audience across 11,000+ Training Centers, 750 PMKK (Centers of Excellence) and 13,000+ Schools /Universities/academic institutes, across 700+ districts of India.

Lauding the partnership, Dr. Maneesh Mishra, Executive Vice President-Strategy, NSDC, said, “In today’s dynamic business environment, the growth of our economy is dependent on students; therefore, skill-based training is essential. Our partnership with Pearson is more exciting given the success rate of the Business Technology and Education Council globally. Together, we will strengthen the learning provided in vocational courses. These courses will prepare them to apply the knowledge, skills, and behaviors that employers and universities will seek in the next generation. We are hopeful that the fusion of the university curriculum and vocational courses will offer the finest learning infrastructure for our leaders.”

Speaking about the association, Jane Baker, Vice President, Workforce Skills at Pearson said “We are proud of the partnership between Pearson and NSDC International, which will support young learners to access globally recognized career focused TVET qualifications from Pearson. Together, we shall support thousands of learners to grow in their future.”

She added, “India has a vast working demographic that is rapidly making its mark on the global stage. Pearson India works towards bridging the gap between industry demand and skilled talent supply by enabling this demographic to access opportunities to enhance workforce skills, to reskill and to upskill. Our BTEC courses are helping provide digital solutions for employee training and vocational skilling, particularly for in-demand careers. Alongside this, Pearson provides a digital platform for businesses to test candidates on their verified skills and facilitate better decision-making. Our partnership with NSDC International will help to further bridge these gaps while enhancing the caliber of India’s vibrant workforce”

Pearson BTEC offers high-quality, career-focused programs that are co-created with industry and academia and are acknowledged by 100+ professional bodies globally. The Pearson BTEC qualifications are robust and highly relevant as they ensure seamless progression to a student’s undergraduate degree journey and into skill development. BTEC qualifications are developed in cooperation with the relevant Sector Skills Council of UK (SSC), ensuring they meet the needs of employers. BTEC courses, which started in the UK, are now taken in more than 50 countries by 1 million learners ranging from senior secondary education to Degree equivalent. They are vocational and work-related courses, designed to accommodate the needs of employers, further enhancing a student’s skills and knowledge to progress in their careers.

BTEC offers a wide range of courses and career options across diverse fields such as Business, Engineering, Media, Art and Design, Health and Social Care, Digital Technology, Cloud Computing, IT, Hospitality among others.