Only in Bengaluru? Vending machine for books on economy, marketing offers UPI payment

The Pearson vending machine was equipped with a 'Prepare Well' hashtag painted on it.

A vending machine for books, equipped with UPI payment options, has been sighted in Bengaluru and shared on social media branded as a “peak Bengaluru” moment.

The photograph shared by X user Ramanan (@Ramanan) shows the Pearson vending machine offering a curated selection of books spanning subjects such as Indian economy, marketing, UGC, and machine learning. The user tagged the X handle of Peak Bengaluru, that is known for sharing viral ‘only in Bengaluru’ moments.

Bengaluru, known as the Silicon Valley of India, continues to surprise with innovative solutions. The vending machine equipped with a “Prepare Well” hashtag painted on the machine also hints at the high pressure of Indian students prepping for competitive examinations.

The X user who shared the snapshot, expressed his amazement with a tweet that read, "Vending machine for books with UPI payment @peakbengaluru moment."

Vending machines traditionally dispense snacks, chips, candy, drinks and other readymade snacks in exchange of cash. With technology, UPI payments are also a mode of payment for people using the vending machines. However, vending machines selling books have not been too common especially in India.

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