Top 10 Reasons to Choose Australia for Your Higher Education

Studying abroad may feel like quite a daunting experience for most students and making the choice of country to study even more so. While every country has its own benefits and drawbacks, there is one country that stands out in its welcoming nature towards international students, Australia. Here are just ten of the many reasons why you could choose Australia to study abroad.

1. Top quality universities: When it comes to universities, Australia is blessed with both quality and quantity. Australia has 43 universities with six of them ranking in the internationally renowned top 100. The level of teaching at every university is up to global standards so one is assured of an excellent education no matter the university.
2. Easy to communicate: Australians speak English, and while the slang and dialect may differ from one’s home country, students will find it easier to communicate and be understood.
3. All majors are accepted: The vast number of universities also means that a multitude of different degrees and majors are available. So, whether one is studying engineering or arts, one can find plenty of options and combinations to choose from.
4. Easy student visas: Unlike other countries, the Australia Education Visa is easier to get. The process is streamlined and there are several requirements that need to be met, such as being accepted into a college or university, having sufficient funds and insurance.
5. Lower cost of living: Finances are a major concern for students studying abroad, but if you choose to study in Australia you will find that the country has a much lower cost of living than other major countries.
6. Globally recognized degrees: Graduate degrees from Australia are recognized across the world so students will not face any hassles while applying for a job in their home or any other country across the world. Australia also has a thriving job market where a graduate from Australian university can easily build a career in their chosen field.
7. Internship and part-time jobs availability: If you want to support yourself with a part-time job while studying or undergo internships to build up your resume, Australian universities offer opportunities for both.
8. Work opportunities post-college: For students who wish to stay on and work after they graduate, the country offers a Temporary Graduate Visa that allows them to do so.
9. Cultural diversity: Australia has a very diverse culture from people from nearly every country represented. This makes it easier for students to assimilate and feel at home.
10. A multitude of experiences: Studying abroad is not only about acquiring a degree, but it also involves exploring and immersing oneself in the local culture. Australia with its vibrant city life and breathtaking outdoors is the perfect destination to both study and play.

Studying in Australia offers a world-class educational experience along with a wide range of rewarding life experiences to its international students. Choose PTE Academic as your choice of English proficiency test and enjoy its fast, flexible, fair and secure testing experience to make your dream of studying in Australia come true.

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