Studying in the UK comes with a large number of benefits. From a world-class education to a diverse and inclusive culture, UK universities are known for providing the best learning experiences to students from all over the world. However, as an international student, studying in the UK requires you to establish satisfactory levels of written and spoken English. This is where Secure English Tests come into the picture.

A Secure English Language Test result supports your application and is mandatory to process your student visa. Pearson provides one of the most unbiased and Secured English Language Tests in the form of Pearson PTE Academic. PTE Academic is accepted by 98% of UK universities and is the only SELT that is evaluated with the help of AI and provides the most accurate results, free of human bias.

The United Kingdom is undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations for higher studies, with more than 500K students enrolling every year. Indian students have shown a preference towards the UK and the number of Indian students went up by 93% in 2019, with as many as 37,500 Indian students receiving their study visa (source: The country is known for its diverse culture and welcomes a diverse group of students, making it an excellent choice for international students, looking to learn in an enriching environment.