4 tools to help you get a great score in PTE academic

Studying abroad in one of the most notable institutions is a part of many students’ vision boards. But before you can start your academic journey at your dream school, you need to tick off all the prerequisites for admission. The process is long, the preparation is hard, but if you do it right and wholeheartedly, you can get admission to the finest school. It is ideal to start planning ahead for your further studies because these educational institutes have a lengthy admission process comprising of form fillings, document submission, visa approval, etc. But besides that, you will also need to spare time to prepare for entrance exams and the English proficiency test.

Most of the foreign educational institutes that you will apply to will require an English proficiency certificate from a recognized organization. Once that is cleared, you will be allowed to move forward with the admission process. PTE Academic is one of the most trusted English proficiency tests that is accepted by top institutes worldwide. So, if you are keen on studying abroad, it is essential that you include the PTE test score in your admission portfolio.

PTE Academic needs a dedicated preparation time. Even if English is your first language, you have to study for this test unwaveringly. The test is not based on your colloquial language use. In fact, it examines your knowledge of the fundamentals and intricacy of this language.

Your PTE Academic score will define your academic future. Hence, it’s best to leave no stone unturned. To step up your PTE preparation, you need to make sure that you learn using the right sources. You must stay focused and not get overwhelmed by too many options.

You can rely on these 4 tools to help you with top-notch preparation and to get a great score in PTE Academic.

1. Official coursebooks

For PTE preparation, one of the best tools that you can rely on is the official coursebooks. Why should you look elsewhere for high-quality study materials when the PTE Academic provides them to you?The official coursebooks comprise of the following: 

These coursebooks will not only help you learn about the exam and the content you need to learn for it, but they will also offer you materials to test your acquired knowledge once you are through with the syllabus.

 2. Offline practice test

When you are getting closer to your exam date, you want to spend more time assessing your knowledge by taking as many tests as possible. One of the most efficient ways to do this is by getting your hands on the offline practice test material. The PTE tool lets you download test content, which comprises audiobooks, pdfs, sample responses, etc. Since there is no time limit for this offline test, you can take your sweet time thinking and coming up with the answer. The goal of this PTE tool is to get you into the habit of taking tests once you have finished your syllabus. This offline test helps you build confidence and assess your performance.

3. Official Online practice app

You will come across many PTE apps to help you prepare for the test, but you can learn from one of the most authoritative sources, which is the PTE Academic official practice app. The app comprises multiple tests with a unique set of questions. The online tests give you the true experience of the PTE test because they are timed. Consider this your trial before you appear for the official PTE test. Appearing for time-bound tests will help you gauge your performance better and give you an idea of your potential PTE score.

4. PTE Academic Taster

The PTE Academic Taster is another official PTE tool that gives you a glimpse of this English proficiency exam by presenting you with 5 sampled questions. Before you go through the 3-hour long test, answering 70 questions assessing your reading, speaking, writing, and listening abilities, you can use the PTA Academic Taster to get a ‘taste’ of your actual exam. You can try 5 sample questions and get instant feedback on your performance. The questions are based on the following formats:

  • Fill in the blanks
  • Reorder the paragraphs
  • Multiple choice questions with a single correct answer
  • Highlight incorrect words
  • Select missing words

It is best to get your hands on these official PTE Academic tools right from the very first day of your preparation. It will help you put your best foot forward and start on the right note. Besides these PTE tools, you can also choose to opt for free online courses, go through the test guide, score, etc, to know more about the exam and enhance your preparation.