5 Mistakes That Students Make in JEE Advanced Preparation

To obtain a seat in India's prestigious engineering institutes, such as IITs and NITs, you must get an exceptionally good Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) score. More than 10 lakh candidates appear for the JEE Mains, and about only 23% of candidates get shortlisted for the next stage of the selection process, i.e., JEE Advanced. 

The reason behind the low number is not just the lack of preparation but also the mistakes made by students during their preparation. It is normal to be anxious but there are certain common mistakes most JEE aspirants commit during the JEE advanced preparation that makes all the difference in the score. 

Let's have a look at some of the mistakes students make in JEE Advanced preparation:

Not solving doubts:

It is only normal and perhaps good to have doubts this phase of your preparations, but it is very necessary to get them resolved or else they will only weigh in and build tension. Students should try to solve any doubt they may have as early as possible. Students can make use of the resources they have to analyse their mock test scores for any mistakes or uncleared concepts, then freely approach the classroom and talk to teachers to clear doubts.

Not revising:

Revision is a crucial part of the preparation, hence not revising or keeping revision at the very end of the preparation is a mistake. Revision is an opportunity to evaluate and analyse preparation, check the mistakes, and learn strong and weak points. Revising the whole syllabus at the end is very time consuming; hence, students must divide their time and spend it wisely on their weak areas to improve that part. It is advisable to revise on a weekly basis to retain maximum learning, as science is one subject that requires complete understanding and memorising things.

Selective focus:

One of the mistakes students make is studying selectively. Studying for hours, focusing on the topics or subjects they like and ignoring the ones they do not. Some students make the mistake of only focusing on their ‘pet subject’ or revising topics that they are familiar with. But doing so only makes it harder and harder to build competence on subjects they find to be tough. 

Not analysing their performance:

While students build a strong conceptual foundation, they often forget to test their understanding by practising problems and taking frequent tests. Timed mock tests push students to solve complex problems and closely follow the examination pattern of the JEE. With these tests, they can learn to recognise and avoid traps laid by examiners. But while doing this, they must not forget to analyse their performance after each test so they can learn from their mistakes. Looking closely at where they went wrong and making a note of silly mistakes may prove to be invaluable in their preparation. 

Ignoring health:

One mistake students make which may cost them their preparation, is not taking good care of their health. It is very important to be healthy physically and mentally to retain the learning and keep a sound mind during preparations. Students should keep some time aside for leisure activities, a walk or engage in some exercise to refresh their mind. 

The above common mistakes students should avoid during their JEE Advanced preparations. 

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